What is Cofeco?

Hi my name is Vicky and I am an awkward, introverted, self-taught artist with a caffeine dependent soul. I came up with the name Cofeco by combining the words "coffee" and "concept" together. Most of my ideas, including my original character Quiet Bear, was created while sipping on a cup of coffee (btw, my favourite coffees are Americano and Vietnamese iced coffee).

Who is Quiet Bear?

Growing up as a quiet kid dealing with selective mutism, the word “quiet” always held a negative connotation and it was extremely hard to fit in and express myself. Quiet Bear was a character I created to share the wonderful (and sometimes very silly and messy) world inside my head that I would’ve never had the opportunity to share otherwise. I hope that Quiet Bear can become your friend, someone that you can confide in when you’re feeling down or someone that you can share happiness and a good laugh with.

Please remember that being quiet is totally okay, we are normal people just like everyone else!

How long does shipping take?

The processing time for orders are as follows: clothings (5-10 days), all other items (1-7 days), preorder items (2 weeks). With the exception of holidays, longer processing time may apply.

The estimated delivery times after processing are listed below:

North America: 7-15 days

Europe: 7-20 days

Asia: 5-20 days

Please note actual delivery times may vary due to weather, holiday, location of address, or courier service.

Do you ship worldwide?


Yes! We currently offer worldwide shipping.

Can I return or exchange the product?

As most items are custom or handmade to order, no returns or exchange are allowed and we kindly ask for your understanding. However, please contact us within 15 days after receiving the order if you encounter any problem(s). Email us at cofeco0501@gmail.com or fill in the form on our contact page with your order number and details. We will try our best to get back to you within 1-3 business days.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations are accepted within 10 hours after order is placed. Please understand that orders may be packed and/or shipped therefore cancellations after that time frame will not be accepted. 

I did not receive my package.

We understand how stressful this may be! Unfortunately we do not have control over the delivery of the package once it is handed to the shipping courier. However, please contact us if you have any questions or concern regarding your package, we will try our best to assist you as soon as possible. Packages may be delayed due to a variety of reasons (holiday, weather, etc), we kindly ask for your patience and to keep an eye out for your package. We will not be responsible for lost packages shipped through the untracked lettermail option.