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DIY Coloring Tote Bag - Colour My World

DIY Coloring Tote Bag - Colour My World

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Love coloring? This DIY colouring tote bag is perfect for you! Use this bag as your canvas and let your creativity run wild. 


Product Details

Package includes:

-1 tote bag 

-12 double tipped acrylic markers

Acrylic markers can also be used on clothings, hats, shoes, rocks, clay, wood, and glass, giving your project a beautiful vibrant and long lasting finish.



    1. Place a piece of cardboard, card stock, or anything thick and flat into the bag to prevent ink from seeping through the bottom
    2. Color the bag and have fun! 
  1. (tip: use the brush tipped end of the marker for coloring and getting into the crevices of the fabric. Use the round tipped end for outlines and drawing)
  2. If washing, make sure to let the ink dry for at least 48 hours after coloring. Flip bag inside out and hand wash cold. Air Dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


Size Guide

35cm x 40cm (14" x 16")

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